Are Marked Cards Contact Lenses Undetectable in Casinos?

Unlike the X ray contact lenses and X ray glasses that are used by poker cheaters to see through standard playing cards, the IR camera marked cards can be seen from a distance. Using this technology cheaters can read markings on the backs of cards without being detected. This allows cheaters to quickly determine the suit and number of a card and make quick decisions.

It was believed that infrared lenses could not be used to cheat at casino games. A recent breakthrough has allowed players to use this technology without anyone noticing. The secret is to daub the back of a deck of playing cards with a special chemical, and then use infrared glasses or contact lenses to detect the marks.

Online, you can buy infrared lenses and glasses to scan the invisible luminous marking on the back of cards and reveal the numbers and suits for players. They are comfortable to wear, discreet and undetectable from other players. They are ideal for poker players who want a better edge over their opponents and more money.

You should be aware of some things when purchasing and using this type cheating technology. These devices are only allowed to be used in specific environments and with a partner. You may also need to practice if you are a beginner before using the device in a game.

While a marked card is not illegal in most states, it’s still a serious crime to attempt to cheat at a casino. Law enforcement officers across the country have stepped up their efforts to prevent gambling fraud, and they’ve started using infrared cameras and marked cards to identify cheaters.

Blazevic discussed this latest threat in a breakout at the WGPC Learn Labs and warned casinos to take it seriously. Marking cards used to be considered an “art” and only a handful of people were able to do it. It was an arduous process, and even the subtlest marks were easy to miss. Today, though, the technology is available to anyone who’s willing to spend a few hundred dollars on a kit and some hours of practicing.

Another common way that cheaters use to gain an unfair advantage in poker is by using barcode marked playing cards. These cards are processed with special printing equipment that makes a luminous ink barcode on the edges. The barcodes are then scanned by a poker analyzer, which can tell you the results of any hand with just a glance. They are perfect for Texas Hold’em or Omaha and can be easily hidden in a shirt pocket or jacket pocket. They are also durable so you can use again and again.