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Invisible Ink Glasses

Invisible ink is a type of writing ink that remains undetectable when initially applied but becomes visible later through heat, chemical reaction or light sources; often with acid-base reactions or oxidation-reduction reactions as their basis. These inks can be written with a pen or markers and made visible using heat

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Marked Cards and How to Spot Them

Marked cards have long been used for gambling and card tricks. If found during a deck check, these marked cards could give an unfair edge to certain players and can result in disqualification for cheating. Early card marking techniques included bending or engraving a Brielle design on cards, while newer

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5 Poker Cameras That Work Like a Hole Card Cam

Moneymaker’s win may be one of the most notable moments in poker history, but without Henry Orenstein and his revolutionary hole card cam invention televised poker would never have become as popular today. Top-grade poker scanner cameras can read barcode marked cards to predict winning players in poker analyzer. These

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Dice Cheating Device

There are multiple methods of cheating at dice. One way is using “magic dice,” which are weighted so they land more often on certain numbers, or using hidden cameras as one way of cheating at dice. Remote controlled dice are also an option; this device typically consists of processed dice,

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Marked Poker Cards Glasses

Marked Poker Cards Glasses are special sunglasses that are used to read invisible ink marks on cheating playing cards and provide reliable poker cheating products for use by both magicians and players alike. Looks can be deceiving; sunglasses look stylish yet can help hide emotions from other players, eliminating their

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Video Poker Cheating Devices

Video poker cheating devices let you predict the outcome of games before they begin. It combines poker scanning cameras, invisible barcode marked card, and a software to calculate the winners of gambling games. This new version, unlike the old ones, is almost invisible to others. Its appearance is very similar

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