968 Walkie Talkie Devices With Magic Tricks

Product Information

Color: Silver

Size: 100 * 60 * 16 Mm

Origin: China

Transmission Method: Wireless

Function: Audio Transfer

Application: Casino Poker Games &Amp; Magic Shows


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We are all too familiar with the walkie-talkie, and we can also see it in public places for sending messages. Now, we have dealt with our special intercoms for sending poker results to poker players or magicians.
The biggest advantage of the 968 walkie-talkie is that you can insert a SIM card into it. Thanks to the use of the SIM card, it can successfully transmit poker results no matter where you are, there is no non-transmission distance. It can adjust the sound but not the channel. The distance between the marked card wireless headset and the signal receiver can last 0.8 m. Compared with the YT series and other walkie-talkies, it is the walkie-talkie with the shortest distance between the headphone of the reconnaissance aircraft and the signal receiver. So your partner needs to be close to you but in a natural manner, and you can get information about your poker results through your wireless headset. Don’t worry about the constant battery duration, the energy in the walkie-talkie and signal receiver, they can be used for 10 hours.
Keep these poker trick devices separate and teamed up with others, you are much safer to use in your poker game. With high-quality tagged poker walkie-talkies, you can win big at a game or put on a magic show in front of an audience.

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