YT-468P Interphone Poker Cheating Tools

Product Information

Color: Silver

Size: 100 * 60 * 16 Mm

Origin: China

Transmission Method: Wireless

Function: Audio Transfer

Application: Casino Poker Games &Amp; Magic Shows


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YT-468P walkie-talkie is a branding card accessory newly launched by GS luminous ink contact lens supplier, and its appearance is as fashionable as other walkie-talkies. Walkie-talkies are common in public places such as banks, hospitals, and casinos. Even if your partner tells you the poker result 50 meters away, no one will notice that it will be a poker trick accessory.
This YT-468P walkie-talkie transmits information together with a signal receiver. You can tune the channel yourself, but you can’t connect to bluetooth.
In terms of power supply, the YT-468P walkie-talkie can be charged directly. The power of the walkie-talkie and signal receiver lasts up to 10 hours.
Comparison between YT-468P cardless walkie-talkie and YT-K1 walkie-talkie
Chip cards can transmit clearer sound intelligibility than other cards that can regulate voice. But you need to pay attention, you should put your signal receiver and wireless spy headset at 1m away.
In a poker game, after analyzing the hidden laser invisible ink barcode marked cards through the poker accessories intercom, your partner tells you that the poker odds scanner system is more secure and you can receive the results through the poker headset.

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