Exchanging wallet for poker cards

Product Information

Model: Wallet

Color: Black

Material: Leather

Cards Of Size: Poker Size, Bridge Size

Application: Exchanging Cards

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days


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Everyone has their own wallet. Maybe your wallet is black, brown, or gray, etc. You’ll find that you can’t leave your wallet when you’re outside, or enjoy playing poker games like we do on our phones. When poker players play at a poker table, they place wallets containing money on the table.
The stylish exchange playing card purse from the GS marked playing card equipment supplier is a useful device for exchanging the playing cards you need. Made of PU leather, elegant and noble, we have a variety of colors for your choice, such as brown, brown or gray. If you like other types and colors, we can customize it for you. Thanks to the special size of this leather wallet, you can keep your playing cards hidden in the leather wallet poker changer, whether it is wide-sized cards or bridge cards. What’s more, the process of changing the playing cards needs to be skillful and fast, and you can practice before the poker game. You can change the playing cards and no one can figure out how to do it.

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