YT-K1 Marked Cards Interphone For Telling Poker Results

Product Information

Color: Silver

Size: 100 * 60 * 16 Mm

Origin: China

Transmission Method: Wireless

Function: Audio Transfer

Brand: YT-K1


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Generally speaking, a whole set of signage intercom includes intercom, signal receiver, playing card charger and spy wireless headset. In the game of poker tricks, the marked poker walkie talkie plays an important role in telling the result of the poker game to your partner, who can receive it through the spy poker mini headset.
The transmission distance of this YT-K1 walkie-talkie can reach 50m, and the energy of the walkie-talkie can be used for 10h after being fully charged. When the energy runs out, it can be recharged. More importantly, it neither inserts the SIM card of the mobile phone nor connects to Bluetooth, so it will not be intercepted by others.
With a distance of 1 meter between the signal receiver and the wireless earphones, your partner can get clear sound. Once the poker prediction winner analyzer has predicted the outcome of the game and sent the message, your partner will pass it on to you through this amazing poker walkie-talkie and mini headset, even if he is not with you.
Our YT-K1 walkie-talkie has the same appearance as ordinary walkie-talkies and will not be noticed by others. Therefore, the high-quality and reliable marker poker intercom is your ideal choice of poker trick accessories.

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