Iphone6 Plus Mobile Phone Cards Exchanger

Product Information

Model: Iphone 6 Plus

Color: Golden, Black, White And Pink

Material: Plastic

Year: 2016

Application: Exchanging Cards / Cheating In Poker

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days


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In casinos or poker clubs, poker players are not allowed to leave everyday items other than cell phones on the table. Many people like to use Iphone6 plus mobile phone. We produce Iphone6 playing cards for exchanging playing cards to meet the needs of poker players.
iphone6 plus is a real mobile phone that can make calls and take pictures. Our Iphone6 plus card changer will not change the appearance, people will not notice the difference. But you can use our processed Iphone6 plus to trade cards in poker games. The whole process is quiet and fast, taking only 0.3 seconds. Other poker players won’t notice it. Up to 2 wide-width playing cards can be hidden inside each Iphone6 plus device.
The biggest advantage of Iphone6 plus is that there is a remote control, which contains the card accessories of Iphone6 plus. It can help you close the hole by remote control when you don’t need to replace the playing cards.

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