Purse Exchange Playing Cards Tools

Product Information

Model: Wallet

Color: Black

Material: Clothes

Cards Of Size: Poker Size, Bridge Size

Application: Exchanging Cards / Poker Games

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days


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Wallets are everyday items that hold money, cell phones, or keys when you’re out and about. Especially when you play poker, you can leave your wallet on the poker tables in the casino.
Believe it or not, we can turn the original wallet into a playing card exchanger magic wallet for exchanging playing cards. After processing, the appearance of the magical wallet is consistent with that of ordinary wallets, and no one can discover its mystery without telling others. You can quickly and skillfully replace the cards in your hand with other cards stashed in your wallet and no one will suspect it.
When we play Texas Hold’em game, normal players will hide a big card like Ace or King, when they get a possible pair, this poker cheater will support you to get a better pair. Mastering the game of poker is easy.
Where can I buy a Solitaire wallet converter? GS marked cards invisible ink company specializes in selling wallet purses to replace helpful playing cards in poker games.

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