Earpiece Signal Enhancer Poker Cheating Tools For Cards Games

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Color: Black

Transmission Method: Wireless

Size: 47 * 85 * 10 Mm

Function: Audio Transfer

Oringin: China

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days


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As we all know, ordinary earphones can only be placed within 80 cm from the poker analyzer, otherwise the earphones cannot receive any signal from the poker analyzer and scanning camera, and the results will be missed. For this necklace device, who has powerful functions, it solves the signal distance problem well, allowing you to place the poker analyzer 2-3 meters away from the headset; you can still hear the results clearly. This device can increase your chances of winning a card game or impressing a magic audience.
1. Hanging on the neck, easy to carry.
2. Convenient recharge

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