Shirt Chest Poker Cards Exchanging Devices

Product Information

Model: Clothes

Color: Black

Material: Clothes

Cards Of Size: Poker Size, Bridge Size

Application: Exchanging Cards

Supply Ability: 2000 Pics Per Month


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Many people like to wear shirts in summer. We have designed a new shirt poker changer that sits between the buttons near your chest. Due to the special position where the playing cards are hidden, our devices are easier to operate than other playing card switching devices.
Imagine playing a game of baccarat where you only need one card to control the situation. If you are wearing this amazing card equipment cuff while playing a game of poker, simply move to the poker table and replace the cards you need. But what you need to remember is that you need to hide the playing cards you need in advance. The biggest advantage of shirt badge changer and shirt cuff changer is that the former is easy to operate.
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