Where To Buy Perfect Double Nine Marked Dominoes Tiles

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Color: White

Material: Wood, Bone And Plastic

Type: Double Six, Double Nine Or Double Twelve

Application: Dominoes Games Or Magic Show

Processing: For UV/IR Contact Lenses

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days


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Dominoes can be marked with invisible ink markers. But it goes through a specific series of processing steps. Taking double nine white dominoes as an example, I will share with you some marking knowledge about invisible ink dominoes.
Is marking dominoes the same as marking playing cards? Due to the different materials, there are some peculiarities between marked dominoes and marked cards. Playing cards can be marked using card marking ink, which leaves an invisible ink mark on the back of a marked deck. But we can’t use infrared ink or UV ink to make double nines, because it’s hard to mark by hand. Not to mention we can use glow-in-the-dark ink glasses that can see the dominoes marked on the back of the UV ink. It is best to buy perfectly marked white dominoes that have been marked by your printer.

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