Marked Cards Devices Battery For Sale

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Material: Lithium

Maximum Battery Life: About 4 Hours

Nominal Voltage: 3.7 V

Charging Voltage Limit: 4.2 V

Rated Capacity: 2500 MAH

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days


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GS brand invisible luminous ink contact lens supplier not only sells playing card master cheating devices, but also specializes in selling gambling magic playing card accessories. You can buy all kinds of punching equipment here, such as card changing tools, punching ink, roulette, jammers, wireless monitoring earphones, batteries, multi-function chargers, etc.
A tag battery is a poker accessory that powers poker equipment. As you can see, both the card scanner and the game odds poker analyzer require this type of smartphone battery as a backup. Even if you have a charger to charge directly, it is more convenient to replace another battery with full energy. What’s more, it’s recyclable if you charge it fully.
No matter what kind of playing card equipment, it can be found at GS marking deck manufacturers.

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