AKK K2 Poker Analyzer Iphone

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1. 1 Remote Controller

2. 2 Batteries Or 3 Batteries

3. 1 Charger

Application: Poker Games

Brand: AKK


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GS Invisible Ink Pen Contact Lens Signage Supplier has launched the latest AKK K2 Card Scanner Analyzer with Single Camera.
Compared to the AKK K2 Poker Winner Prediction Analyzer with an external lens, this latest all-in-one K2 Poker Analyzer can scan tags with invisible ink laser barcodes. The scanning distance is 25-35cm. Whether you put the K2 Poker Analyzer on or off the table, it can read the marked cards, and then tell you the poker results through a wireless spy headset or a Bluetooth one-to-one headset, and the AKK K2 Poker Analyzer with The external lens only needs to be used with the regular mini poker headset.
The three poker games in the K2 Poker Analyzer can last about 3 hours. If you run out of batter with the poker analyzer marked in K2, don’t worry, it can be replaced.
The AKK K2 all-in-one scanning poker analyzer is processed by a real machine and can be used for making calls or surfing the Internet.

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