AKK iPhone 12 Pro-Style Poker Analyzer for Marked Cards

Product Details

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Brand: AKK

Original Phone: Iphone 12 Pro

Launch Year: 2021

Available Cards: Barcode Marked Cards

* Upgraded Local IR Camera
* Upgraded HD Earphones
* Support Poker Games In More Regions



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The AKK iPhone 12 Pro Style Poker Analyzer debuts in September 2021 and is almost out of stock. Why is this card-scanning system causing a stir in the poker cheating world? All poker fans and magicians are as hungry as there are at least 10 million binge gamblers around the world right now. You must be wondering how powerful it is. Let me reveal to you the newest iPhone 12 Pro poker analyzer system.

* Compatible with 5G networks
Compared with the previous work, this 5G iPhone poker analyzer is a new milestone in the rapidly developing poker cheating industry in recent years. Here, for those who have already used a similar poker analyzer, they know that it can be used not only as a cheating tool, but also as a normal phone, such as making calls, texting, shopping online, surfing the Internet, etc. With a fast and good Internet environment, 5G is essential.

* Equipped with 8 million pixel high-definition camera
Although compared with the real iPhone camera pixels, there is still a certain gap. Its camera capabilities have also been upgraded. For example, it automatically focuses on AI auto images. Also, when you’re taking pictures, its DPI is much better.

These two main features are introduced when you use the AKK iPhone 12 Pro style poker analyzer as a normal smartphone. The next section revolves around the poker cheating capabilities of this analyzer.

*Upgraded local poker scanner
Imported infrared light source, large-scale recognition without dead angle, using Japanese nanotechnology lens, with local scanner, image recognition is more stable and accurate. After the upgrade, the tagged cards can be read even in dark or backlit environments.

* With V1 Mini Digital Mini Headphones
Equipped with high-definition upgraded digital headphones, the sound quality is better, small size, long distance, low power consumption, and strong anti-interference. Poker result information will not be eavesdropped unless you have other headsets paired with your poker analyzer system.

* More poker games to choose from
There are about two thousand games to choose from in the AKK iPhone 12 Pro style poker analyzer system. Some traditional games from Spain, France and other regions can also be made here! Our technicians also specialize in poker systems in different languages.

Given the growing number of casinos and poker rooms in different cities to combat poker cheating, it is very important for you to choose the best poker cheating equipment. If you follow the instructions to use the AKK Poker Analyzer for iPhone 12 Pro, you will benefit a lot.

Product Details

Price: Contact us for price

Brand: AKK

Original phone: Iphone 12 Pro

Launch year: 2021

Cards Available: Barcode Marking Cards

* Upgraded local infrared camera
* Upgraded HD headset
* Support poker games in more regions

iphone-12-poker cheating system

iphone-12-cheat card analyzer

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