Iphone 11 Pro Poker Cheating Analyzer for Gambling

Product Details

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Brand: AKK

Original Phone: Iphone 11 Pro

Launch Year: 2020

Gambling Games: Spanish Games, Texas Holdem, Wappy, Omaha

Feature: 100Ms To Report 100% Accurate Poker Results



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Iphone 11 pro poker cheat analyzer is also known as A3 poker analyzer, which belongs to AKK series. AKK is the oldest brand of poker analyzers in the world, and its quality has indeed established a good reputation in the poker cheating world. So every time a new product is released, it will be sold out, and so is the iphone 11 pro poker hand analyzer!

What are the advantages of iphone 11 pro poker analyzer?

(1) Scan and report 100% accurate poker results in 0.1 seconds, an unprecedented speed. Using the advanced A13 bionic chip, the ultra-wide-angle camera supports 2x optical zoom. Therefore, its local camera can automatically and quickly capture cards marked with barcodes. As the cards are read, you will hear the poker results.

(2) Install poker system for 3 games. Poker Cheat Analyzer for iphone 11 pro provides more poker games for you to choose, such as Spanish traditional game, Texas Hold’em, Wappy, Omaha and other games. We can also write your own game if you want.

(3) One-to-one earphones match with mobile phones. So you don’t have to worry about your A3 poker analyzer being bugged by us or someone else. What if you want to share the results with your partners? Then we can match another headset for you. Up to 8 headphones can be connected to the analysis system. marvelous!

(4) Great compatibility, can work with different wireless cameras. Unlike other series of poker analyzers, the iphone 11 pro poker analyzer has a wireless camera setup with multiple frequencies for high compatibility.

Of course, for more details about poker cheat analyzer for iphone 11 pro, please contact me.

Product Details

Price: Contact us for price

Brand: AKK

Original phone: Iphone 11 Pro

Launch year: 2020

Gambling Games: Spanish Games, Texas Hold’em, Wappy, Omaha

Features: Report 100% accurate poker results in 100 milliseconds

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