A-plus Marked Cards Poker for Different Systems

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A-Plus Marked Playing Cards For Different Systems Very Deserve To Have. Different Types Of Mark Cards Have Their Own Advantages.

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Original Deck: A-Plus Playing Cards

Material: 100% Plastic

Cards Reader: Poker Analyzer System, Marked Cards Contact Lenses

Markings: Invisible Ink Markings On The Card Back Or On The Side Of The Card



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A-plus marked poker can be applied to most poker games in casinos. They are popular in poker cheating with their professional casino quality. All of our A-plus cards are imported from the country of origin. After being handled by our professional and sophisticated technicians, A-plus marker poker becomes an effective tool to help you win in poker games. We mark A-plus cards for different systems.

Contact lens card with A-plus logo

For this marked card, we have professional printers to mark the back of the playing cards. These cards are so-called contact lens token cards. In other words, when using A-plus branded contact lenses, you need to wear branded contact lenses or special sunglasses. Only then will you be able to see through the number and suit markings of the playing cards.

There are two styles of making playing cards marked A-plus. One is to mark a large font in the middle of the card. The other is to do small fonts on the four corners. Also, you can design your own unique mark. Our technicians will make the best marked playing cards for you according to your requirements.

A-plus markers for poker analyzers

For this marked deck, also known as barcode marked deck, we mark it with invisible ink along the edge of the deck. You need a poker analyzer to detect markers. Poker Analyzer takes information about cheating hands, analyzes the data, and reports the results to you. So, with the help of a barcode card and poker analyzer, you can gain absolute advantage in the games you play.

All in all, A-plus marked cards for different systems of poker are well worth having. Different types of marker cards have their own advantages. They all depend on your needs. Hurry up and pick your favourite.

Product Details

Different system playing cards marked by A-plus are well worth owning. Different types of marker cards have their own advantages.

Price: Contact us for price

Original deck: A-plus playing cards

Material: 100% Plastic

Card Readers: Poker Analyzer System, Card Contact Lenses with Tags

Marking: Invisible ink marking on the back of the card or on the side of the card



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