Jumbo Bicycle ESP Marked Decks With Subtly Marked Back

Product Details

Color: Blue

Origin: USA

Available For: Magic Tricks

Material: Paper

Size: Poker Size, Jumbo Index

Delivery Time: 3 Working Days



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How does a magician see through a card chosen by a lucky spectator? Can he really read minds? of course not. Many magicians will choose cards with markings on the back. They can read the cards based on the markings on the Jumbo Bicycle ESP deck. The mark can be printed anywhere on the back of the mark card. You can even design your own markup, simple and straightforward. Some complex markings are not available due to printing techniques.

Unlike other playing cards, decks marked with Bicycle Jumbo ESP have only 25 cards, 5 symbols per deck, and 5 decks per deck. They are not the playing cards used for poker gambling, but the playing cards used for magic shows. Many magicians prefer to use Jumbo Bicycle cards with ESP markings for magic shows with superhuman and extrasensory powers.

Product Details

color: blue

Origin: America

Applicable to: magic

Material: paper

Size: Poker Size, Jumbo Index

Delivery time: 3 working days

giant bike-esp

giant esp poker

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