Cohort Red and Blue Marked Poker Cards for Poker Game

Product Specifications

Color: Red, Blue

Size: Poker Size

Index: 2Pip Regular Index

Application: Poker Tricks, Magic Shows

Content: 52 Cards + 2 Jokers

Company: EPCC



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Ellusionist is a company that manufactures magic products and playing cards. Recently came a big news, they launched a brand new ultra-thin playing cards – Blue Cohorts deck. The queue-marked playing cards also have a red deck, common. The blue queue markers have thinner decks than the red ones. If you like a thinner feel, I recommend Cohort blue decks. Queue marked poker cheat cards are available in most poker games such as Omaha, blackjack, and baccarat. So you can use these cards in any casino game.

To get a better score, we’ll remove some of the graphics from the original Cohort playing cards and print the score there. In this way, traces will be more hidden. Without instructions, you won’t spot hidden markings, or understand what they mean. We’ll send you an instruction card or video when you buy them. In no time, you’ll be using it with ease.

product specification

Color: red, blue

Size: Poker Size

Index: 2pip regular index

Applications: poker tricks, magic shows

Contents: 52 cards + 2 trump cards

Company: EPCC

Queue Marking Card

queue marker card poker

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