Card Cheating Devices

Card cheating devices look like smartphones, but they contain software and hardware that can read the markings on cards by using a hidden cam. It can then analyze patterns to give information about a card’s suit or value, which helps the cheater determine the best course of play. This type is very common, and it can be detected easily, especially when done by an experienced card cheat using a device. A number of methods have been developed to cheat at card games, including counting cards, hand mucking and bottom dealing. These techniques are typically quite bold and rely on steady nerves rather than complex dexterity or sleight of hand.

The most popular method for cheating at cards is using a card marker. These kits enable the crooks apply subtle marks to the cards that are only visible with a particular lens. They can also keep track of high and low cards by counting them without looking at the front. Historically, card markers have been applied with daub cups that were pinned on the crooks shirt sleeves for easy access.

The more sophisticated card cheats will often perform a false shuffle and a false cut to maintain the order of a special pile of cards, also known as ‘the cold deck’. They may also move certain cards to advantageous positions in the deck, such as moving an Ace of spades from the top of the stack to the fifth position, which can be particularly useful when playing Blackjack.