Cheating Lenses and Infrared Contact Lenses

There will always be people who try to cheat casinos and gambling facilities as long as they exist. The latest cheater story, out of the French Riviera, has all the hallmarks of a big budget Hollywood film – marked playing cards, infrared contact lenses and corrupt casino employees.

In 2011, a self-styled Italian poker player known as “Parmesan” earned 70,000 euros in winnings at a casino in Cannes on the Cote d’Azur in France by using a pair of infrared contact lenses to read invisible ink marks on the backs of the cards, The Telegraph reports. He devised the plan with the help of two casino employees who marked the cards using invisible ink. The ink can only be seen when wearing the infrared contact lenses. He wore them to the casino, where he sat opposite an accomplice who sniffed or snorted when Parmesan needed to know which card to choose next.

He purchased the infrared lens online from a Chinese company for around $260. They are tinted red or darken purple and come in various tint sizes to match most eye colors. They can be worn over normal lenses, and are safe for all types, including green eyed.

In addition to these special lenses, we have a wide range of high-quality invisible ink poker contact lenses that are suitable for all types of eyes and will work with all brands of invisible ink markings on the back of the card. IR poker lens use the latest sandwich technology and laser dyeing system to produce the luminous color. These lenses will not change the color of your eyes or cause irritation. They are very thin, comfortable and won’t alter your eye color.