Colored Contact Lenses

transparent color contact lenses

Colored contact lenses can change the appearance of your eyes and make them look lighter, darker, or deeper than they naturally are. They also can work to correct vision problems, such as astigmatism.

The right colored contact lenses for you will depend on your eye color, skin tone, and the look you want to achieve. They can either be completely opaque, so that they change your eye color completely, or they can be transparent tinted, which allow light to pass through them.

Opaque Tints – If you have dark eyes, then opaque tinted lenses are the best option. These lenses let you go dramatically lighter or darker, and can come in a variety of colors from blue to violet to brown. They are also a great choice for people with green or blue-green eyes who want to change their eye color.

Visibility Tints – These are light blue or green tints that help you see the lenses better during insertion and removal, and when they are dropped. These tints are fairly faint and do not affect your eye color at all, but they can be helpful for those who tend to drop their contacts a lot.

These are usually available in limited powers, and they are not a good choice for those with astigmatism because they do not correct as well as other types of lenses.

They can also be very expensive, and it may take a longer time to get them delivered. They can also be uncomfortable and cause red eyes or dryness.

You should only purchase colored contact lenses from an eye doctor or a reputable retailer. Avoid buying them from street vendors, beauty salons, or internet retailers that do not require a prescription.

The lenses you choose should be comfortable to wear and should match your natural eye color. You should also be sure that the lenses are made by a reputable company. You should always follow your eye doctor’s instructions when wearing them and when changing your lenses.

Special Effect Lenses – Some colored contact lenses are designed to provide a wide range of effects for actors in movies and TV shows, as well as for patients who enjoy the novelty of having their eyes changed for fun. Some of these designs can be scary and can cause your eyes to look bloody, or they can cause your eyes to change their color, or even give you an aged or diseased look.

Many of these specialty colored contacts are also used for sports and can improve your vision under certain conditions. They often have a “sports tint” that deflects glare, increases depth perception, and makes contrast more defined.