Gambling Cheating Devices

From card counting to the famous dice jig seen in “Ocean’s 13,” gambling cheating devices are a big part of popular culture. But do they exist? The Nevada State Museum has a special exhibit that showcases dozens items that were used to game the system.

Gambling cheating devices range from simple tools that help you swap out the cards to devices that hide a hidden camera on your sleeve. Casinos have put in place measures against these gambling cheating devices, but they still work. The exhibition includes a wide variety of gambling cheating devices, including the poker phone analyzer that some article said to be real and lots of gambling cheating device accessories items like earpieces and batteries.

Some of these devices date back to the days when casino cheaters still used mechanical slot machines. Light wands were used to manipulate mechanical reels in order to obtain free spins. Many of these are now obsolete, as casinos have shifted to digital machines that use computer chips to determine the results of each spin.

Some old-time cheaters also used piano wires to jam the internal clocks on a machine’s random number generators, allowing them to predict the next number that would be spun. This technique is now virtually impossible to execute, as casinos have implemented RFID technology in their shuffle machines to ensure that the decks are genuinely random.