Infrared Contact Lenses For Poker

Infrared contact lenses for poker are designed to detect invisible ink marks on back of marked cards. They can help you cheat when playing poker games, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Low, Blackjack, Baccarat, Show Hand, Low Ball and a variety of other local or special poker games.

They are safe and easy to use. They are comfortable to wear and can be worn for a long time. They do have one drawback that they might not be as effective as you expect.

A lot of instances of fraud in gambling involved the use of contact lenses to detect playing cards. One instance involved two poker players was captured on camera. The two poker players were able play the casino with a bluff and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This was the first time that these kinds of devices for gambling cheating were identified by law enforcement. Italian national Stefano Ampollini and New Jersey native Bruce Koloshi used invisible ink, marked cards and infrared contact lenses to help win in poker. Ampollini was detained and sentenced to two years in prison.

Another case involved three Italians and two suspected French accomplices. These men were able to read the invisible ink on the back of cards using treated contact lenses and bilked the casino out of 70 000 euros.

The gang members were possession of 30 decks of marked playing cards and a set of contact lenses. The ink on the back of the cards could show them which cards to play and which ones to fold. The marks on the cards had an X to signify a king, and lines that indicated an ace.

Three men were able utilize the ink on their cards to gain advantage when playing poker. This allowed them to increase their winnings many times. French police are currently investigating the matter. The four suspects could face charges of fraud as part of a gang.

According to reports, they were able to read the ink on the backs of the cards with a pair of contact lenses that cost approximately two thousand euros. They were able to turn the odds to their advantage and make their victims fold.

It is important to remember that these infrared contact lens were purchased online and do not work at casinos that are real. If you are looking for these gambling cheating devices, you should buy the lenses that have been approved by the gambling commission of your country.

This is the third generation of contact lenses that are suitable for poker using marked cards. It is the best choice for dark brown eyes however, it shouldn’t be recommended for people with light eyes because they can make light eyes appear darker than their natural shades.