Marked Playing Cards Contact Lenses

Contact lenses for marked playing cards are special lenses that can detect invisible luminous markings on the backs of marked decks. These poker cheating glasses are based on modern perspective technology and are compatible with all eye colors. They are safe and comfortable to wear and are easy to handle.

During their two previous casino trips, the alleged Italian group was said to have earned PS55,000. Their luck ran out when Grasse state prosecutor Jean-Michel Cailleau found that the three men had contact lenses that enabled them to see invisible ink markings, a cross for a king, and a line or a line for aces, on the backs of the cards.

The contacts have small purplish filters built into them that, when worn, transform your vision into a purple color similar to that of a black light and enable you to read the luminous markings on the back of the marked cards. The contact lenses can also be used to read both blue and red back cards because they are not detected either by infrared camera or poker scanner systems.

In recent years, card marker chemicals have improved dramatically and can react with narrow wavelengths of visible light. Cheaters then daub the substance onto the back or side a playing card and view the markings using a pair of slightly-tinted glasses or contacts that appear clear to naked eyes.