Marking Cards With Invisible Ink

Marking cards with invisible pen is a very popular way to cheat when playing poker. Luminous marked cards look like normal clean playing cards but they have magic marks on the back, which can only be seen when you wear polarized invisible ink contact lenses or sunglasses. This type of cards marking kit requires a pen to mark the cards, and a pair or invisible ink contact lenses or glasses.

These luminous ink pen are specially designed for writing invisible messages. Only you can read them with the help special lenses that are stylishly modeled as sunglasses. You can also use the lenses to view invisible messages written on a surface. This type of marker was used by spies to write secret information onto white paper. The information could only be revealed when the document was placed under a UV lamp.

A man from Connecticut was arrested recently for allegedly using invisible pen to cheat in a Texas hold’em game at the Mohegan Sun Casino. Bruce Koloshi thought that only he could see the marked cards. The ink was spotted by surveillance operators in the casino, who alerted police. Koloshi admitted that he used invisible ink in order to cheat at the game. This is illegal in casinos. He was charged with felony gambling fraud. He will appear in court in New Haven on the 27th of September.