Protect Your Eyes With Vision Contact Lenses

x ray vision contact lenses

X-rays are among the most powerful electromagnetic waves known to man. They are used for a variety of applications including medical imaging, security checks on baggage and other items.

Those that work with x ray equipment are at a high risk of developing X-ray induced macular degeneration, which is a major cause of blindness.

There are many ways to protect your eyes from X-rays. Some of them include proper shielding and wearing a pair of radiation protective eyeglasses while using the equipment.

The best way to avoid long-term damage from X-rays is by keeping your exposure to them to an absolute minimum.

The newest trend in this arena is the use of UV absorbing contact lenses to eliminate your exposure to these harmful particles while maintaining your vision.

If you have any questions about X-ray safety and the benefits of these lenses, don’t hesitate to ask your Envision Optometrist. They will be able to point you in the right direction.

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