The Ultimate Marked Deck

Do you want a marked deck which is easy to read but difficult to detect? The Ultimate Marked Deck will be your answer!

This book will provide you with an excellent introduction to the world of marked decks. It will also teach you to perform a variety of effects using a marked deck.

Easy to read

The ultimate marked cards combines all of the best attributes of a marked deck into one deck! The United States Playing Card Company manufactures it on RED Bicycleback Cards.

The marking system in this Phoenix Edition has been optimized so that it is easier and faster for you to read the marks. This allows you to locate any card within a previously shuffled face-down deck, without even looking at the card!

This deck is suitable for all ages. It is also a great tool for people who have learning disabilities.

A good Easy Read document should be written in a simple style and have no jargon or acronyms. It should have a simple layout with plenty of white space to make it easier to read.

Hard to detect

A marked deck of cards has been a staple for magicians for many years. Over the years, they have been the subject of extensive research and development. The results are impressive. The deck is functional and visually appealing, thanks to a system of markings that has been scientifically tested. Its a deck that you can use for your boffo card magic, the requisite card handling sex and even some gambling based effects to boot. This is a great deck that won’t break the bank and won’t let you down on your big night. You don’t need a degree in astrophysics, or a Ph.D. in microelectronics to do this. The Ultimate Marked Deck has been the most popular in the Boris Wild lineup for a good reason. It is the most fun that you can have at a magic show.

Easy to stack

A stack is a database algorithm that stores data. This allows an algorithm to retrace their steps and return to their previous state in memory. It is often used to store a history of every action taken in a program, or procedure. This makes it easier for the next step to continue where the previous one left off. It’s a key component in many pathfinding algorithms used in computer science.

Stacks allow you to quickly and effortlessly perform a wide range of card magic effects. This book will help you memorize stacks in no time. You’ll discover a variety of amazing routines, strategies and tricks that will allow you use the Ultimate Marked Deck to its fullest extent. This companion book should be in the library of any serious magician! This 145 page book is an invaluable resource for card magicians, whether they are new to the art or seasoned veterans.

Easy to handle

The ultimate marked deck is more than a simple card marking system. The Ultimate Marked Deck is a set of instructions that includes everything from an overview of the history of marked decks to a detailed description of the UMD. It also includes a variety of tricks and routines using the marking system.

The book is not only informative but also interesting and well-illustrated. It is also easy to follow. In the first section, the author explains what a marked card is and why it’s useful. In the second section, there are detailed instructions for how to read, handle and perform the markings. The third part of the book is dedicated to the magic tricks that can be performed with a marked deck. The list is impressive – mental magic, impossible locations, gambling effects and even a new slant on the 3 card Monte are just some of the things that can be performed with this unique deck.