Why Sunglasses Are a Must-Have For Poker Players

Whether you’re playing poker online or in person, you’ve likely noticed that players wear sunglasses at the table. These sunglasses serve a purpose in poker.

Confidence increases

One of the primary reasons why poker players wear sunglasses is to cover their lies. Sunglasses are a great way to conceal the emotions of poker players because they are able to detect the movements of their eyes and facial expressions.

Sunglasses can also be used to protect your eyes from the glare that can cause problems at the table. The glare could be caused by the lights in the room, or by monitors that show advertisements.

Confidence Increase

It is normal to feel nervous when you first start playing poker. A pair of glasses can give you a much-needed confidence boost. This is because your opponent will not be able read your emotions or abrasive body language.

Glasses with mirrors

Sunglasses can make you look more attractive, aside from the obvious benefit of blocking the expressions of your opponent. They’re a stylish accessory for anyone who enjoys playing poker.

Prominent players in the business such as Chris Bryan, a professional poker player who won the 2003 WSOP main event, pushed sunglasses as a must-have accessory at the table. This helped draw an entire new generation of players who were wearing sunglasses.


Most people oppose the use of sunglasses at tables because they could be used to cheat or mark cards. Negreanu correctly pointed out that tournament organizers and casinos employ infrared and UV technology to detect marked cards.

Fortunately, most cheaters would have to overcome a variety of obstacles before they could earn their scores. This isn’t an easy task.

If a cheater could make their mark on the cards before the tournament casino or tournament organizers had the time to replace the cards, they’d need sunglasses to cover their marks.

Another issue with sunglasses is that they make it harder for you to fool your opponents. If your bluffs fail they may conclude that you aren’t the best player at the table. This can make your bluff appear less trustworthy and result in your bluffs being criticized more often.

Some poker players even wear sunglasses to fool their opponents into believing they are professional. Although this may be counterintuitive, it can work for certain people.

It can also be an advantage when you have low vision or an illness that makes it difficult to see clearly the cards. Sunglasses can help you focus on your game and block distractions like the fast-moving light at the slot machines or on monitors that show advertisements.

Sunglasses can also be handy when you’re playing at night or in a dimly lit poker room. Because dark-colored sunglasses can cut down the reflection of the lighting in the room it is possible.