Aviator Red Jumbo Index Barcode Marked Playing Cards

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Decks: 1

Size: Poker Size

Index: Jumbo Index

Colors: Red

Material: 100% Plastic

Application: Poker Trick For Poker Analyzer


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Barcoded decks exist for their own reasons, and as gambling and poker games go, there will always be a need for playing cards, whether in a bar or at a gig. Barcode cards were originally created for magic tricks, but were later used in casinos to prove that barcode cards were forbidden. So how to use marked deck to make fun or fool others in life?

First of all, you must choose a good-quality deck with a barcode, so that it will be comfortable to use. For the GS barcode marking deck, Aviator barcode playing cards will be a good choice. A deck of Aviator cards contains 52 cards and two trump cards. A deck of red Aviator decks can be marked with a secret barcode on the edge of each card. They are jumbo index and plastic coated paper material cards. Secondly, don’t forget to buy a poker scanning camera, because the barcode on the pilot’s red card is complicated and hidden, and it cannot be recognized at all! So when you have a deck of Aviator barcode cards, you also need the help of a playing card scanner.

We also have blue Aviator barcode decks for sale, but please remember that cheating with marked cards is prohibited in casinos, please follow local laws when using your poker equipment.

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