Bicycle Ultimate Rider Back Marked Cards

Product Information

Brand: Bicycle

Origin: USA

Available Color: Blue &Amp; Red

Material: Paper

Size: Poker Size

Application: Magic Shows, Texas Hold’Em, &Amp; Home Games



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The back design of the Bicycle Ride back is probably the most recognizable in the world and has been in continuous production since 1887. Printed by American Playing Card Company. Each deck is packaged in a classic folding box. The Bicycle Rider back cards marked Ultimate in our store are made using the original bike deck.

True to its name, Bicycle Rider cards feature a symmetrical Cupid image on the back. These cards come in two colors, red and blue. The outside of the picture contains multiple heart-shaped, curved plants and cupids planted in various corners. Therefore, this design is called “Rider Back” design.

Thanks to such a back design, it is possible to change the bicycle decoration without being noticed by others. Changes in color, additions and subtractions of lines, and subtle changes in patterns can all be the perfect mark for poker magicians and players to discover.

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