Cheating Button Double Scanning Camera For Poker Winner Predictor

Product Information

Camera: 2

Scanning Distance: About 10-60Cm

Scanning Width: About 10-20Cm

Battery Life: 3 Hours

Manufacturer: GS Company

Application: Poker Trick For Poker Analyzer


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Winter is here and so is our winter collection. One of them is a dual-lens jacket button camera.

GS Entertainment Products Co. Ltd. has ten years of experience in the production of poker cheating equipment, and has mature technology and capabilities in developing poker cheating products.

For example, we have the technology to deal with the barcode poker on the side, we can guarantee that no one can see the barcode marking on both sides of the playing cards. Because the invisible ink we process on the card is specially prepared by our professionals. No one can copy the formula.

There are also dual-lens jacket button cameras. Behind the coat buttons, we hide a dual-lens poker-scanning camera. You don’t need to worry about someone discovering the scanner, because once you see the real thing, you’ll find that the scanner is completely covered by your coat.

To use, simply switch it on and hold it against the invisible coded marker on the edge of the marker set. Oh, and don’t forget to set the game rules on the Poker Winner Predictor before you start playing. You should choose the game you want to play and set the number of players in the game. Once these are done, you just have to wait for the scan results.

You will enjoy the advantages of this dual lens cheat jacket button camera in poker games.

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