Copag 139 Marking Barcode Cards With Invisible Ink

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Decks: 1

Size: Bridge Size

Index: Jumbo Index/Regular Index

Colors: Red And Blue

Material: Paper

Application: Casino Poker Games &Amp; Magic Shows


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Have you ever seen a magic show where a magician can predict who is the best poker player and the next best poker player, or even the ranking of all poker players? I’ll tell you the trick secrets about these.
Barcode Side Invisible Ink Marking Copag 139 Playing Cards is a magic poker device that plays an important role in predicting poker rankings. These Copag 139 laser barcode marked cards can be scanned by a card scanner and used with the Poker Winner Predictor. Playing card scanners can be disguised as everyday objects. It is well concealed and concealed, and no one can discover the tricks in it. You can detect invisible ink marks on the edge of Copag 139 barcode cards simply by wearing glow-in-the-dark ink glasses or contact lenses.
The complete playing card scanning system includes a pair of Copag 139 barcode laser invisible ink marking cards, playing card scanner, poker winner predictor and a spy mini headset. With these poker equipment, you can put on the perfect magic show for your friends or family.

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