Five Games LD D4 Poker Analyzer

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1. 1 Remote Controller

2. 2 Batteries Or 3 Batteries

3. 1 Charger

Application: Poker Games

Brand: LD


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If you are looking for such a poker analysis system, then the LD D4 Poker Analyzer is for you. The latest D4 poker analyzer has the same stylish appearance as the popular Samsung mobile phone, which is hard to attract others’ attention.
The LD D4 Poker Analyzer is an all-in-one poker analyzer. That means you can also use your local poker scanner to read marked playing cards, and you can use the poker analysis software inside to calculate poker hand odds. If you don’t like using your local poker camera, you can use an extra poker scanner, this LD D4 poker analyzer app has three frequencies to work with differently marked poker shots. The biggest feature of LD Poker Analyzer D4 is that the battery can be replaced.
After scanning a barcode marked card, the five game LD D4 Poker Analyzer app will give you high speed predictions of the outcome of the game. It is similar to PK King Poker Analyzer. You can receive it through a wireless headset, a Bluetooth headset, or a one-to-one headset. Before the game starts, you need to set the exit mode. In addition, the cheating device D4 poker analyzer has external vibration.

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