Grey Eyes Invisible Ink Contact Lenses See Through Marked Cards

Product Information

Material: HEMA, Polymacon

Life Span: More Than One Year

Package: 2Pcs/Box

Water Content: 100%

Application: Poker Games

Size: Customized


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Our Infrared Gray contact lenses are playing card contact lenses that we machine from a special material in the center of the lens.
After treatment, the invisible ink that marks the playing cards can be seen. It can be seen more clearly under white light, especially under energy-saving lamps. What’s more, it won’t change your original eye color. It’s hard for other players to spot the difference.
This is helpful in poker games. Wearing infrared gray contact lenses can see marked playing cards printed with invisible ink. You can know what cards any player has and predict which way is best for you.
Also, there is no doubt that various marked playing cards are suitable for gray eye infrared contact lenses.
Before playing poker with contact lenses, it is best to wear them for a few hours or so to get used to them. Also, be sure to wash your hands before wearing contact lenses to prevent eye infections.
Infrared gray eye contact lenses are safe and convenient for people with gray eyes. We have many types of Infrared Contact Lenses for sale, if you are interested, please write us to ask the price of Infrared Contact Lenses.

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