Long Distance Cradle Head Camera Casino Device for Infrared Cheating Cards

Product Information

Scanning Distance: About 2M

Scanning Area: About 10Cm

Transmitter: 2M

Battery Life: 4 Hours

Application: Poker Games

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days


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Cradle heads play a big role in taking pictures. It can control the omni-directional angle of the camera, which is convenient for shooting from different angles. Therefore, in order to maximize the working distance range and read invisible ink, we developed this pan-tilt infrared marker card camera.

This long-range PTZ IR camera can see marked rotatable cards, so with just one PTZ IR camera, you can see most of the table in your poker room. In the long run, this will reduce your cost of buying more stationary marker cards to fool IR cameras. You can pretend it to be a spy camera or CCTV to keep an eye on what’s going on in your room.

The IR lens adopts the latest optical design and special optical glass material technology to eliminate the focal plane shift of visible light and near-infrared light, allowing you to see ink that is invisible to the human eye.

As for the working distance and working time of this shaking head cheating poker camera, we can adjust it according to your needs.

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