Marked Cards Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes

Product Information

Material: HEMA, Polymacon

Life Span: More Than One Year

Package: 2Pcs/Box

Water Content: 100%

Application: Poker Games

Manufacturer: GS Company


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Professional Luminous Dark Brown Eye Label Contact Lenses act as a card reader to see through specially marked playing cards and treated dominoes but not regular playing cards. Wearing poker contact lenses with brown eye markings won’t change your eye color and you won’t have to worry about being spotted. There is no difference in appearance, feel and weight between processed playing cards and dominoes. Therefore, you can rest assured that it is very safe.

Marking cards printed with invisible ink are clear for infrared contact lenses with brown eyes, while cards marked with invisible ink pens themselves are sometimes dull for contact lenses.

Regular poker sold in stores will not fit these brown contact lenses. The best way to clear the field is a red card.

In addition to the luminous ink label playing card contact lenses can also be used for magic poker. Mainly used for magic cards, guessing numbers, guessing names. This anti-theft contact lens is a professional artifact with high privacy.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg


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