Paper Edge Marked Bicycle Cards For Poker Scanner

Product Information

Decks: 1

Size: Poker Size

Index: Jumbo Index

Colors: Red And Blue

Material: Paper

Application: Poker Trick For Poker Analyzer


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What people always have to do is to try, otherwise they will never know how strong they are. I am also constantly trying, and I am also working hard to provide high-quality paper bicycle barcode playing cards for sale. I have this useful thing for those of you who are constantly trying and struggling in poker games or magic shows.

The playing cards we mark are from USA, they are really high quality and popular all over the world, we just process this famous brand with barcode marking on the edge of each paper bicycle playing cards. The standard card size is 8.8cm*6.3cm, suitable for a variety of poker games.

When our barcode card scanning camera scans, you can see the barcode very clearly, each card has a unique barcode, and the scanning camera will secretly send the relevant data to you through the headset. If you want our paper bicycle barcode cards, you can order directly from us or send us your special needs, we promise to make high-quality invisible marks for you.

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