Phoenix Marked Decks Set for Magic Show

Product Information

Cards Contain: 2 Jokers, Black Face &Amp; Game Cards

Origin: USA

Available Color: Blue &Amp; Red

Material: Paper

Size: Poker Size

Application: Magic Shows &Amp; Casino Games



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A dream come true for all magicians and poker players who enjoy using marker decks. Unlike other marker poker with invisible markers, the markers on Phoenix marker decks are very intuitive as they blend perfectly into the design of the Phoenix backplate.

The Phoenix marked deck is designed for professional magicians and poker enthusiasts who demand quality. It is difficult for players to search for all the marks on the marked Phoenix Poker in the first place. Visible markings are on the corners, or you can order your own special markings, but larger orders.

Available with red and blue Phoenix backs, they look as innocent as the rest of the deck. Playing cards with the phoenix mark are easier to read than most. The markings on the playing cards are ideal and well hidden. Choose red or blue at checkout. The more you buy in our store, the more you save.

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