Wireless Remote Control Casino Magic Dice Online

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Color: Colorful

Size: Normal

Material: Wood, Plastic, Acrylic

Application: Magic

Teaching Mode: Video Instruction

Delivery Time: 2-5 Working Days


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The TV has a remote. The air conditioner also has a remote control. Our dice has a remote control called remote dice.

The whole wireless remote control dice device includes a remote control board, a remote control and a remote control dice. With our remote control dice, you can easily change the points of the dice with the remote control in your hand. A small magnet is installed on the remote control dice, and the appearance is the same as that of ordinary dice. The remote control board is also fixed in the magnet.

When playing dice games, it is necessary to open the dice remote control board in advance. Then, throw the processed dice and press the button on the remote. Believe it or not, the dice board will make the dice jump to the point you want and you can get the point you want

You can control the number of dice through the controller. You are responsible for playing dice games with our remote control dice.

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