Barcode Marked Cards By Working With Spy Camera Lenses

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Size: Poker Size

Index: Jumbo Index

Colors: Orange And Green

Material: 100% Plastic

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Modiano Club Bridge barcode marked cards, treated with invisible laser ink, can help you cheat at poker games through the lens of our spy scanning camera. Unlike Modiano-marked cards in infrared luminescent ink, it can be read through an infrared spy camera lens.
This edge sided Modiano Club Bridge Invisible Ink Marker playing cards can only be scanned by a card scanner camera. Then, the poker game results will be sent to the poker players after being analyzed by the poker system through the headset and intercom. Laser marked Modiano Club Bridge invisible ink playing cards are indistinguishable from regular playing cards. Secret Modiano Club Bridge laser barcode marked cards are for poker players or poker dealers playing in clubs, private rooms, or casino games. No matter which light you use, these Club Bridge marker barcode cards will work.

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