Black Eyes Contact Lenses Read Marked Decks

Product Information

Material: HEMA, Polymacon

Life Span: More Than One Year

Package: 2Pcs/Box

Water Content: 100%

Application: Poker Games

Manufacturer: GS Company


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This unique infrared contact lens for dark circles can be used in poker games to help dark circles users win the game. With this unique infrared contact lens, users can see the numbers and suits on the back of the cards they are dealt, while other players cannot see the invisible ink.

These cards are no ordinary cards and are machine marked on the back with a unique invisible ink. These invisible ink marks on the back are only visible through unique contact lenses.

Our unique contact lenses for dark circles are machined from high-quality regular contact lenses to give you a clear vision and a comfortable experience.

However, poor-quality contact lenses can cause damage to the eyes, and even produce tearing side effects, which will seriously affect the clarity of the eyes to see things. Therefore, high-quality products are very important to your safety. The professional and unique infrared black eye contact lens has unique flexibility and comfortable design, which makes playing card see-through contact lenses to a higher level.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg


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