Marked Playing Cards With Glasses Of Metal

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Size: Regular

Style: Simple And Fashionable

Material: 100% Plastic And Original Poker,Made By PVC

Application: Poker Games

Life Span: More Than One Year

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days


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Metal frame infrared glasses have a big secret. The metal-frame infrared glasses are the same size as ordinary glasses, and can see through the cards marked with invisible ink. Each pair of glasses consists of a metal frame and plastic glasses. So common that no one pays attention to it.
It’s so cool to wear infrared sunglasses while playing poker. Plus, it helps you see marked cards and know glow-in-the-dark markers. The most suitable situation is under white light, especially under energy-saving lamps. Infrared glasses and marked playing cards are good friends that can help you in a game of poker. But before wearing metal frame infrared glasses, you need to make sure to wash your hands clean to prevent eye infection.
Also, you can wear infrared glasses outdoors to protect your eyes.
What practical and convenient glasses!

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