China AKK K4 Playing Cards Analyzer for Texas Holdem

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1. 1 Remote Controller

2. 2 Batteries Or 3 Batteries

3. 1 Charger

Application: Poker Games

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AKK K4 is the latest model poker analyzer in 2016. With this new analyzer, poker players will have more fun and benefits to enjoy the game. This great device has the following features.

1. Any poker game can be applied to the K4 analyzer, such as Texas Hold’em, 4-Card Omaha, 5-Card Omaha, High Cards, Rhonda, etc.

2. The language setting version can be English, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Italian, etc.

3. The analyzer can report the results to you in English or Chinese.

4. AKK K4 has dual local scan cameras. The K4 scanner can scan invisible ink barcode marked cards well within a distance of 20cm-40cm.

5. A wireless close-range camera or a long-range camera can work well with the K4 analyzer.

6. The result of the poker game is reported within 0.1 second, with 100% accuracy.

The K4 poker analyzer is easy to operate by a single player and is suitable for any poker game. Extremely fast, reporting results with 100% accuracy within 0.1 seconds after the scanning camera reads a barcode-marked card.

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