Copag Class Luminous Marked Cards

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Copag Class Vanguard Marked Decks

Decks: 2

Size: Bridge Size

Index: Jumbo Index

Material: 100% Plastic

Application: Magic Tricks &Amp; Poker Games




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Two decks of Copag Class Vanguard playing cards featuring special blue and red graphics are packaged in a small box.
With the unique slide rails, Class Vanguard decks are extremely durable and resistant to handling and marking. The highest quality PVC Copag playing cards can be marked as luminescent marked cards by invisible playing card printers. You’ll find no blemishes between regular Class Standard playing cards and Copag Vanguard cards with the contact lens logo.
If you want to get your hands on punching cards, we have the Copag Class Vanguard Glow in the Dark Ink Kit for Card Making. Regardless of the marker set, nothing is visible to the naked eye. We can use invisible contact lenses to detect yes marks.
If you play a game of Texas Hold’em with the Copag Class Vanguard Lighted Marker Decks, you’ll know the poker side of each card from your invisible contact lenses or deck sunglasses with Juice Markers. Knowing the rank and suit of the cards ahead of time allows you to bet carefully or correctly in the next few sessions. In addition to the game of Texas Hold em poker, these marked cards are also suitable for other card games such as Omaha and Blackjack etc.

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