PK King Lighter Invisible Ink Barcode Marked Cards Lens

Product Information

Camera: 1

Scanning Distance: About 40-60Cm

Scanning Width: About 10-25Cm

Battery Life: 3 Hours

Application: Poker Games

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days


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It is a real lighter with a stylish and beautiful appearance. It is a real cigarette lighter. It’s a real lighter for poker scanner cameras that process secret marks into invisible ink barcodes.
PK King’s special sleek lighter scanning camera hits the market to read secret laser-marked playing cards, which are then paired with poker odds analysis equipment to tell poker results via walkie-talkies and wireless spy headsets.
This set of PK King premium lighter poker camera lens system includes a lighter case with built-in HD lens, a regular lighter case and two batteries. Using high-definition scanning lens, the scanning distance can reach 40-60cm, and other scanning distances can be customized.
Compared to other lighter marked poker readers, this PK King Professional Lighter Poker Scanner has a built in inverter. Inverting the PK King cigarette lighter for 4 seconds will switch to the next frequency, and there are three built-in frequencies that can be cycled. As for the switching method of the gravity chip scanning mirror lighter, if the lighter is placed in the upright position, the scanning mirror light source will be turned on, otherwise it will be turned off.

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