Portable Power Bank Scanning Camera for Cheating

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The Newest Portable Power Bank Scanning Camera For Cheating Is 2020 Top 1 Wireless Camera For Different Poker Hand Analyzers.


Cameras: 2

Scanning Distance: About 30-110Cm

Scanning Width: About 20Cm

Detected Marks: Bar-Code



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Portable power bank scan camera for cheating is considered as the top 1 external camera for various poker cheating analyzers in 2020. Why? Because compared with other power banks, its speed is the fastest. In addition, its wider scanning distance provides a wider space for reading cards.

Although the appearance of charging treasures is similar, their scanning distance and speed are the biggest differences. So our technicians upgraded the camera on the basis of these two aspects.

The scanning distance between the tag card and the power bank can reach three ranges of 30-60cm, 60-90cm, and 90-110cm, with a width of about 20cm. Thanks to the 20 cm width, it can read cards even if the dealer moves them.

And about the speed also shorten the whole time of the poker analyzer. The older generation of external cameras worked very slowly, causing players to miss blind time. So if you want to use the poker hand analyzer well, it is very necessary to choose a good camera!

The latest power bank camera is also equipped with dual lenses, which means it can scan cards in all directions. It will be convenient for you to use it without raising any suspicion.

If you want to control the entire game, you must not miss such a powerful product!

Product Details

The latest portable power bank scan camera for cheating is 2020 top 1 wireless camera for different poker hand analyzers.


Cameras: 2

Scanning distance: about 30-110cm

Scanning width: about 20cm

Marks Detected: Barcode

Fastest Portable Power Bank Scanner

Power Bank Poker Cheating Camera

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