Removable Shirt Button Barcode Poker Scanner

Product Information

Camera: 1

Scanning Distance: About 15-40Cm

Scanning Width: About 10-15Cm

Battery Life: 4 Hours

Application: Poker Games

Manufacturer: GS Company


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Introducing a newly designed poker cheat scanning camera. We named it the Detachable Shirt Button Sensor Barcode Poker Camera.

This button auto sensor poker cheating camera is detachable so you can adjust it anywhere on your set, making it easier to scan edge side code marked playing cards. To ensure that the automatic sensor cheating camera is perfectly hidden, the buttons will be in some dark colors such as black and dark blue.

How does it work with Stealth Code Marked Playing Cards and Poker Winner Analysis System? Before starting the game, turn on the scanning camera and point the scanning camera towards the playing card with the code marking on the side. After reading the code markings, the automated sensor automatically sends the scan data to the casino poker analyzer. In 0.2 seconds, you’ll have the final result through a pair of headphones.

What do you want to hear from bugging headphones?

You can actually choose the type of scan results you want, including first and second; suit and flop value. Because you can know the outcome of the game in advance, you can decide whether to continue or not.

How to solve the problem of adding and subtracting signs during the game?

There is a remote that can help with this. Simply press a button on the controller to change game numbers randomly.

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