Double Lens Remote Control Lighter Scanning Poker Camera

Product Information

Camera: 2

Scanning Distance: About 23-25Cm

Scanning Width: About 10-25Cm

Battery Life: 4 Hours

Application: Poker Games

Brand: KTZ


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The playing card scanner plays an important role in scanning secret laser marked playing cards. KTZ Lighter Playing Card Scanner Lens is a lighter marked playing card scanning reader that can see invisible ink marked playing cards in any casino poker game or private poker game.
This lighter scan camera with remote can turn the camera on or off. It is convenient and fast for you. This KTZ lighter is indistinguishable from ordinary lighters, and it is difficult to attract the attention of other poker players in a poker game.
KTZ lighter marking poker scanner has built-in three-frequency, which can be switched cyclically. The scanning distance can reach 23-25cm. The battery of this dual-lens KTZ lighter can last for about 4 hours, and it can be replaced when it runs out of power. If you do not use a lighter to scan the camera, please take out the battery and charge it with a power supply marked with a card-type universal charger for the next use.

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