E-Cigarette Gambling Cheating Devices Marked Cards Camera

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The E-Cigarette Poker Camera Is Not Only Perfect In Quality, But Also Considered By Poker Players To Be One Of The Best Poker Cheating Devices.


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Camera: 1

Scanning Range: 8-15Cm And 20-40Cm

Detected Cards: Invisible Barcode Marked Cards



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As one of the best-selling poker cameras, the electronic cigarette label camera can be used with various poker analyzers and barcode labels.

In casinos, a large number of players use various e-cigarettes while playing poker games. These devices were once an integral part of casino or home gaming. Taking advantage of this, our technicians have managed to install a tiny camera inside the e-cigarette so that it can scan invisible ink marked cards and transmit the image to your poker analyzer.

This poker camera can read in the range of 8-15cm and 20-40cm. Since you have a dealer as a partner, a scanning distance of 8-15cm is more suitable for you. If you say “I just want to play tricks myself”, well, that’s not a problem. The scanning distance of 20-40cm can fully meet your requirements. Turn on the camera, scan the cards marked with barcodes, and the hand analyzer will send you the best hand signal through the mini earbuds.

During this process, if you want to smoke, you can use it as an ordinary electronic cigarette, and you can enjoy yourself leisurely. It is completely safe to use in poker games. That’s why some clients use it for poker tricks most of the time.

The most commonly used device does not mean that it is easily suspicious of players, but it is very popular for poker skills. If you enjoy vaping and want a good device for your poker analysis system.

Product Details

The electronic cigarette poker camera is not only perfect in quality, but also considered by poker players to be one of the best poker cheats.


Price: contact us

Camera: 1

Scanning range: 8-15cm and 20-40cm

Cards Detected: Invisible Barcode Marked Cards

E-cigarette lens for poker cards

E-cigarette camera tricks

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