Smart Sport Watch Poker Camera

Product Information

Camera: 1

Scanning Distance: About 8-15Cm

Scanning Width: About 10Cm

Battery Life: 2 Hours

Application: Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Blackjack……

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days


Watch Camera For Poker Analyzer

Watch Poker Camera

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sports watch poker camera lens

It is not an easy task to process a sports watch into a poker scanner, especially we should keep our own original functions so as not to be suspected by other players. This black minimalist design smart sports watch poker camera with popular rubber material came out and attracted a lot of attention from poker players. The most attractive part is not only the stylish and lightweight appearance, but also the accuracy and speed of reading side-marked cards.

Although this sports watch poker camera lens is used to scan barcode playing cards and works with various poker analyzer devices. In a way, it is different from other poker scanners, such as wallet scanning camera, power bank poker reader and car key poker scanning camera. Because it is designed for the dealer to deal marked cards to each player. That’s why the scanning distance is as short as 8-15cm, which is the most suitable scanning distance when you keep invisible ink marker cards in your hand.

Perfect looks and powerful functions make you a hit at poker games or magic shows.

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